• Web based platform with nice interface which doesn’t require proxies to run account
  • Posting Scheduler Available. You can schedule all your posts in advance at certain date and time
  • Allows you to Follow, Like, Unfollow
  • Boostagram allows you to like by location, hashtags and followers
  • You can unfollow only people Boostagram followed or you can choose to unfollow everyone
  • Set how much Boostagram will wit until starting unfollowing, etc 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days…
  • Email Reporting. You can choose how often you want to receive reports, weekly or monthly
  • 3 speeds to run promotion, Slow, Medium, Fast
  • Automatic Throttling. Allows you to slow down in case Instagram says you are going to fast with following, liking, unfollowing
  • Gender Targeting
  • Blacklist the usernames or hashtags that you don’t want interact with
  • Explicit Content Filtering. Allows you to skip liking, following inappropriate content
  • Private Accounts Filtering 
  • You can set your own following, liking and also minimum posts limits
  • Boostagram shows you all the actions you did (following, liking, unfollowing)
  • Follower Analytics and Engagement
  • 3 Days Free Trial


  • High Cost ($99 for each account)
  • Doesn’t allow you to follow only Business Accounts
  • No Direct Messages
  • No Top Engagers Analysis of your best fans
  • No Whitelist
  • Doesn’t allow you to follow by Hashtags or Location
  • Doesn’t give you reporting of each source and how much followback percentage you get
  • Doesn’t give you the range of Following, Follower and Posts Limits. Only minimum number.
  • Doesn’t have Sleep Function to rest your account

Price: $99.00/mo after 3 day trial

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