• Low cost solution to grow multiple Instagram accounts. FollowLiker has one time fee which allows you to run multiple accounts under 1 license
  • FollowLiker gives you full control of your settings. You can set your own limits and delays. This is perfect solution for someone who likes the control of the settings
  • You can easily export or import the list of users to perform any action or simply whitelist or blacklist them
  • FollowLiker allows you to shuffle all your tasks, that gives you more security since there won’t be any pattern to your liking/following/commenting and etc…
  • You can mass upload and schedule your posts with certain frequency and delays
  • You can update your profile within the software, like this you don’t need to login with your phone or desktop and update the bio
  • Crawl function which allows you to scrape images and texts from RSS feed
  • FollowLiker allows you to run FLC, meaning Follow, Like and Comment. When you follow someone, that person will also be liked and commented. With FLC it increases the chance that the person will follow you back
  • FollowLiker allows you to copy your account settings and use them on the other accounts, you can copy it to other accounts
  • You can easily upload your accounts in bulk at one time from your CSV file
  • FollowLiker allows you to remove any photo that you posted on Instagram
  • You can track your daily growth with FollowLiker statistics, it’s very easy and detailed. You can even import it with CSV file


  • Software based, which means you need to download the software on your computer or on VPS to be able to run it
  • FollowLiker doesn’t allow you to track each source individually and see how much growth you are getting from
    (popular account, hashtag or location)
  • You need to buy proxies and use them in order to run accounts safely
  • FollowLiker doesn’t have notification system if something is wrong with your account like (password issue) then the status will display as ERR but you won’t be notified about that
  • FollowLiker is very advanced software, you will need to spend some time and learn about it
  • The Posting feature of FollowLiker is very complicated, it doesn’t allow you to schedule at certain time, you need to use delay in seconds to do the posting
  • FollowLiker doesn’t do unfollowing properly, if you put people in the whitelist, they sometimes could be unfollowed
  • FollowLiker doesn’t have effective Location following or liking, it’s unclear how to put location properly into the software

 $97.99 one time

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