• Web based platform which doesn’t require to install the software on your computer and use proxies
  • Advanced analytics of your account, you can easily monitor your weekly, monthly growth of followers and you can track each source (popular account, location, hashtags) and know which account is best and how beneficial it is for you with followback percentages
  • Account will grow on autopilot, meaning you don’t need to worry about switching to unfollowing when you hit the follow limit. Influx will automatically switch to follow or unfollow based on the limits you set in the settings area
  • When you search for location, hashtag or popular account, as you type, Influx will provide you with all available sources which you can easily add to your target search
  • Within a click you can easily decide which actions you want to perform (following, liking, unfollowing), you can do them separately or all together. It’s simple as turning on or off an airplane mode on your iPhone
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade to any plan without being over charged. If you want to upgrade, you will simply pay the difference. If you want to downgrade, Influx will prorate (credit) your account with a balance which you can use on your next purchase
  • To make the growth effective, Influx will never follow the same people, it will always find new users based on your target search
  • If there is any issue with your Instagram account, Influx will notify you via email. This is so you can quickly fix an issue and identify the problem
  • If there is not enough popular accounts, hashtags or location to follow and like, Influx will also notify you so you can easily add more sources to keep your account growing
  • You can monitor your account activity live using “Activity” tab, you can easily see who has been followed or liked and which source was used for that.
  • You can also see who followed you back and from which source that person followed you.  So if you get bad followers you can see what source they came from and eliminate that source if there is a pattern
  • If you want to run the liking only campaign, then Influx will not only like by hashtags or location but also by followers of popular accounts.
  • Auto Direct Message feature to all your new followers. (Available in Professional Package)
  • Analysis of your Top Engagers (people who most like and comment on your posts) (Available in Professional Package)
  • You can choose to follow only Business Accounts
  • You can follow accounts which have certain number of followers and people they follow, you can set the ranges in settings
  • If you have multiple accounts in Influx, you can easily find the account you need by using “Search field” at the top left
  • You can have you accounts rested for certain hours. This function called “Sleep” and available in the Settings
  • You can easily import your “Whitelist” (people you follow originally) and these people won’t be unfollowed. Also the people you follow on your own, won’t be unfollowed too.
  • With Blacklist you can easily place a word, hashtags or account into blacklist to make sure there will be no interaction between these accounts/words
  • Affiliate program paying 20% commission every time your referral makes a payment


  • Influx doesn’t have an option for auto commenting on photos.
  • You can’t unlike the pictures Influx liked
  • Influx doesn’t allow you to Auto Schedule your posts on Instagram
  • You can’t import or export CSV whitelist or people you wish to follow
  • Influx doesn’t allow you to copy settings to other accounts, you need to enter settings for each account manually
  • Influx doesn’t allow you to unfollow people who didn’t follow you back
  • Influx doesn’t show you daily growth of your followers


Price:  FREE 5 day trial.   $9.95, 19.95 or $29.95, or $39.95 (professional) per month

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